🎉 Biketoberfest 2022!

What a year it’s been for cyclists! From Pride rides to the Orange Line shutdown, we’ve had our work cut out for us this year, and of course that means it’s time to take a night to celebrate through our annual Biketoberfest bash!

Biketoberfest 2022

Saturday, October 18th


Garage B, Charles River Speedway, Brighton, MA

This year it’s particularly special, since it will be our first in-person Biketoberfest since 2019. We are so excited to see our bikers and supporters all back together again for food, drinks and music! We’ve also been able to grow substantially in the past three years and know for many this will be their first Biketoberfest and possibly even their first big social event with the BCU. For those who are new and even those who are already plugged in there’s really no better opportunity to learn about the work we are continuing to do and how you can help make this project successful.

Of course we can’t do these events in the first place without the support of our members, donors and sponsors. Our work has its foundation in the people in our communities who are willing to step up and really make a difference for bikers in Boston.

Biketoberfest 2019

Our Golden Cog awards are our way of saying thank you to our supporters who put in the extra mile and we’re so excited to announce our winners this year at the event! We’ll also be holding a raffle for those attending with some prizes valued at over $400!

We hope to see you there!

Full size flyer in case you want to send it to a friend! 🥰


Biketoberfest is made possible by the following donors and sponsors:


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Bike Safe Boston logo


Aeronaut Brewing Co Logo
Artifact Cider Project logo
Remnant Brewing Company Logo


Adventure Cycling
al Freshco
Cambridge Naturals
Cycling Out Loud
Delta Cycle
Jill Rosati @acidplaydough
Mei Mei Dumplings
Planet Bike
Portland Design Works
Road Runner Bags
The Shackteau
Southern Kin Cookhouse
Synthera Health
Toni Magee
Ula Café
Urban Adventours