Shared Values and Norms

The Boston Cyclists Union strives to create a positive and supportive environment where all people feel welcomed, seen, celebrated, and treated equitably. This is in line with our core values of people power, dignifying each person, mobility justice, joy and freedom, and sustainability. We acknowledge that many voices have been excluded from transportation advocacy spaces and Boston Cyclists Union events seek to encourage and honor those voices.

By participating in Boston Cyclists Union events or spaces, we ask you to agree to abide by these values and norms and to hold one another accountable to fulfilling them.

  • Approach each other with empathy and care;
  • Respect every person’s dignity, autonomy, and experience;
  • Disagree with ideas, not people;
  • Create space for the participation of others; take responsibility for how you participate.
  • Strive to ask for and use chosen gender pronouns, means of address, and names;
  • Seek consent before making physical contact;
  • Ask (don’t assume) if assistance or advice is welcome before providing;
  • Let someone know when you have been hurt and try to forgive; and
  • Acknowledge if you have caused harm and learn from your mistakes.

If you have been hurt or feel uncomfortable, notice someone being hurt or made uncomfortable, or have questions about these Shared Values, please contact our Executive Director, Becca Wolfson, the President of our Board of Directors, or our staff that is onsite as soon as possible. When and where possible, the Boston Cyclists Union seeks to resolve conflicts through de-escalation and mediation, in alignment with the Non-discrimination and Antiharrasment and Whistleblower and Anti-retaliation Policies.

Thank you for helping keep our space safe, supportive, and fun!