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Summer St Cycletrack questioned by waterfront advisory group

Write a letter by Dec. 31! By Alex Nenoupolos and Pete Stidman Just days before its initial public comment deadline, the advisory group for the South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan momentarily changed its tack and eliminated the long-planned Summer Street Cycletrack from its outlook. The move was seen as a major setback by neighborhood…

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Comm Ave meeting attracts 130 despite flooding

Commissioner “reevaluating” design The BU Bikes Comm Ave public meeting on Dec. 9 was an unqualified success by most accounts, though city officials still have not committed fully to a cycletrack on Boston’s most dangerous thoroughfare. Over 130 people shook off the pouring rain and flooded streets to attend the meeting, which was called by…

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Brookline goes big for Route 9 cycletrack design

The Bike Union’s efforts to create a new vision for a protected bike lane (cycletrack) on Route 9 paid off big at a large public meeting in Brookline last Wednesday, Dec. 3. The meeting was billed as a design charrette and several groups, some from local schools, gave presentations of their ideas for the street’s…

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