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Collaborative releases new police crash map, data

Since the Bike Union began, getting accurate bike crash data that indicates cause has been part of the struggle to eliminate death and injuries among cyclists in the city. Now, that step toward “Vision Zero” has finally been taken. Not only do we now have a database that begins to tell the story of how…

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Grand Junction Path’s star is rising

Hopes for the Grand Junction Path were emboldened last week on June 11 when the Cambridge City Council met to hear progress from all the parties involved. The Bike Union put the call out to Cambridge and Allston supporters for the 3pm hearing, and the Sullivan Chamber of City Hall was fairly packed with spectators,…

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DCR lays down unusual, unsafe bike lanes on Arborway

The Department of Conservation has made significant progress this year on becoming more bike-friendly, but has not been open and transparent with the process of adding new bikeways on the Arborway in the short span between Kelley Circle (at Jamaica Pond) and Murray Circle (the Arboretum). The Bike Union officially requested the any plans for…

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