Committees & Groups

Interested in getting involved in helping the set the direction the Bike Union is heading in or leading the work being done? You are invited to participate in the Bike Union’s board committees or volunteer groups.

Committees help the board set direction and gather resources to support the Union. (Scroll down for Committees)

Groups are actively involved in running Bike Union programs and have a more “on-the-ground” influence.

Volunteer groups

Activist Group

Chair: Andrew Farnitano
The activist group helps the Executive Director steer the organizing and advocacy work of the Bike Union, including the Bikeways for Everybody Campaign.

Programming Group

Chair: Doug Johnson
Having fun at Boston Cyclists Union events like the Boston Bike Winter Socials, the Winter Solstice Ride and the Spring Bike Wash? Interested in helping develop our bike repair education programs like Bike to Market, or reaching out to help local businesses be more bike-friendly? Join the group that’s making it all happen.

Research Group

Vice-Chair: Doug Johnson
The Research Group at the Boston Cyclists Union has helped pull off original new research in ridership patterns, bike ownership, and bike crash data. Right now part of the group is working on a low-stress bicycling study of the City of Boston. Join if you have skills in GIS, R, STATA, or other similar programs.

Board Committees

The Boston Cyclist Union has three board committees that support the staff in long-term planning and strategy. Each committee meets monthly. Meetings are open to all interested parties. Dates and locations are listed on the Chain of Events calendar. Contact committee chairs by clicking on their names below.

Development Committee

Chair: Daniela Cardenas
Covering all aspects of building a strong community of support around the Boston Cyclists Union, from writing grants to ensuring that members feel engaged and involved.

      • Fundraising
      • Grant Writing
      • Membership development
      • Discount program
      • Membership events
      • Rank and File/Volunteer Community building
      • Annual Meeting
      • House Parties
      • Volunteer Management
      • Volunteer night

By collecting names on petitions and other means, volunteers are helping to build an organization with real influence on policy and infrastructure.

Finance & Operations

Chair: Alan Van Vlack
This committee oversees the financial and everyday operations of the Boston Cyclists Union. If you have strong skills in non-profit management, accounting, non-profit law, this may be your bag.

      • Budget
      • Financial Oversight
      • Administrative Policies/Procedures
      • Legal
      • Non-Profit Management Consultation
      • Operations


Chair: Phil Stango
This committee oversees the governance (board and committees) of the Boston Cyclists Union. If you have strong skills in governance, organizing, or non-profit management, this may be your cup of tea.

    • Board Composition/Nominations
    • Board/Director Evaluation
    • Board Development
    • Board Policy and Procedures
    • Conflict Resolution