The Boston Cyclist Union has four volunteer committees that support the staff in areas of research, design, strategy, fundraising, event planning, and more. Each committee meets monthly. Meetings are open to all interested parties. Dates and locations are listed on the Chain of Events calendar and committee chairs can be contacted at the addresses below for more information.

  • Finance & Operations: Oversees the financial and everyday operations of Union. Great for individuals who like details, budgets, non-profit law and organizational development. Contact Committee Chair Ray Porfilio.
  • Bike Promotion: Encourages people to ride bikes and assists with programming like Bike to Market and Bike to Work. A good fit for individuals who want to organize rides and educational events, and/or assist with outreach. Contact Committee Chair George Ulrich.
  • Communications: Communicates what the Union does to the outside world via the Union Rider newsletter, website, social media, and written communications. This committee is the hub for writers, designers, illustrators, hackers, website wizards, photographers, videographers, and other creative types. Contact Acting Committee Chair Nick Abreu.
  • Union Building: Builds a strong community of support around the Union, financial and otherwise. This committee is involved in planning events, recruiting volunteers and setting up house parties, among other things. Fun for people who like event planning and fundraising. Contact Committee Chair Stefanie O’Shea.

Not sure which committee is right for you? Contact Board President Noelle Janka to learn more.