About the Union

To promote the everyday use of bicycles by advocating for safe, convenient, and enjoyable cycling facilities in all of Boston’s neighborhoods.

Boston is already America’s “Walking City”—with over 13 percent of Bostonians walking to work—as well as the country’s fourth densest city by population. These attributes and others indicate Boston’s potential to also become America’s “Cycling City” and the first on this continent to reach cycling rates comparable with Europe’s bike-friendliest metropolises.

We promote “complete streets” infrastructure, traffic calming, and networks of on- and off-street bikeways that can make cycling safer and more appealing for everyone. We envision a future where cycling’s quality of life and health benefits are safely accessible in every neighborhood. Boston can become a place where children bike to school without fear, where businesswomen bike to work in power suits and high heels with peace of mind, and elders pedal safely through our streets, breathing cleaner air and staying fit.