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Smiling volunteers

Volunteers fixing bikes at the Boston Cyclists Union’s Bike to Market stand.

All Volunteer Jobs

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Bike Organizer Training

Getting trained up is the first step to volunteering for the Union. Learn how to build the relationships that build a stronger Union——and a better biking city.

Bike to Work Bike Breakfasts

One of the funnest volunteer roles—a social event during the morning rush hour that hands out free coffee and breakfast goods to passing cyclists.

Bike to Market

The Union is fixing bikes at farmer’s markets throughout Boston! If you love helping people, have an interest in learning bike mechanics or want to practice your skills, and want to get more Bostonians on their bikes, sign up to help us at Bike to Market stands throughout the year (yes, we are doing winter Bike to Market)!

Volunteer Nights

At our Volunteer Nights, we gather over free food, beer, and conversation to complete necessary office tasks and grow the power of the Union. Sign up to help us stuff envelopes, enter data, write thank you notes, and other exciting tasks (hint: it really helps us and it’s a great chance to get to know other volunteers)!


Help the Union at events like the Bike/Walk Summit, Planning meetings, City Council Hearings, flyering for upcoming events, or petitioning for important improvements on street design projects or bike-related policies. Any and all tactics to help promote a better biking city might appear here!

Festivals, Events, & Rides

Be a Bike Ambassador at any of over three dozen community events and rides.

Or, you can also get involved in one of four active Union committees by e-mailing its chair:


Chair: Vanessa Green
Covering all aspects of building a strong community of support around the Boston Cyclists Union, from writing grants to ensuring that members feel engaged and involved.

  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Membership development
  • Discount program
  • Membership events
  • Rank and File/Volunteer Community building
  • Annual Meeting
  • House Parties
  • Volunteer Management
  • Volunteer night

By collecting names on petitions and other means, volunteers are helping to build an organization with real influence on policy and infrastructure.



Chair: Conor Semler
This committee oversees the financial and everyday operations of the Boston Cyclists Union. If you have strong skills in non-profit management, accounting, non-profit law, this may be your bag.

  • Budget
  • Administrative Policies/Procedures
  • Board Composition/Nominations
  • Board/Director Evaluation