Internship Opportunities

Are you passionate about biking as a means of transportation? Do you want to make a difference in peoples' lives through improving the built environment and increasing safety on our streets? Do you want to learn how nonprofits are managed and grown? If you answered yes to any of these questions, apply for an internship with the Boston Cyclists Union!

Interning at the Bike Union is a great way to gain experience in urban planning and active transportation, communications, event planning or non-profit management, while having a direct impact in the neighborhoods we serve. Every intern learns a wide variety of skills and has the opportunity to meet new people and connect with the bike culture!

The Bike Union is looking for candidates with skills and interests in the following fields: 

  • Non-Profit Management and Event Planning
  • Communications and Graphic Design
  • Community Organizing
  • Bike to Market Program

All interns at the Bike Union share some responsibilities (for example: data entry) but an intern's specific area of interest and skills determine the primary focus of their work. Read below for the descriptions of each position.

Comm Ave Petition

Interns may help with petitions, traffic counts and other data collection related to advocacy campaigns. Photo Credit: Jackie Ricciardi, BU

Community Organizing Intern (Year-round): Interns with this focus will also work on our Bikeways for Everybody campaign and other efforts to advocate for safer streets and better infrastructure throughout the Boston area. They'll learn how grassroots organizing can be leveraged to improve our streets by meeting with local community groups, attending public meetings, canvasing neighborhoods and more.

Non-profit Management and Event Planning Intern (Year-round):  Interns with this focus will work with staff to plan and execute events and programs, research grant opportunities, and assist staff in evaluating and improving internal systems including CRM and communication systems. Membership analysis and engagement as well as business partner development are additional areas where interns can focus their time and energy.

Communications and Graphic Design Intern (Year-round): Interns with this focus will assist staff in developing and implementing communications strategies directed at various demographic groups (our members, non-members, neighborhoods, public officials, etc.) using email, social media, flyers, posters, videos, and creation of additional campaign collateral.

Bike to Market Intern (Summer only): Interns with this focus will assist with staff with our Bike to Market program. It is a social connector, and affordable bike repair services for low-income communities in Boston and Somerville and also helps tie new cyclists in to the wider bike movement. The Bike to Market internship does not require bike mechanic skills—but does require an enthusiasm for learning those skills and interacting with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. In Spring and Winter this intern is involved in planning, promoting and coalition-building. In Summertime they are out in the sun working on bikes, organizing new volunteers, talking to people about bike safety or otherwise having an amazing time.

Experience in Adobe CS strongly preferred.

Volunteers at Bike to Market, Summer 2016

Qualifications for all interns:

    • Commitment to the Union’s mission of promoting biking as a means of transportation. 
    • Happy to work in a small tight-knit team in a rapidly growing organization.
    • Organized and self motivated.
    • Ability to solve problems and work without direct supervision when necessary
    • Residence within the greater Boston area.
  • Must be able to spend at least one day in the office each week, two or more preferred.

Bonus Points for:

    • Fluency in Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, Cape Verdean Creole, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, Spanish, or Vietnamese.
    • Sales, customer service, or fundraising experience.
    • Familiarity with common office technology (i.e. PCs, Macs, printers, etc.)
    • Familiarity with biking as a means of transportation.
  • Knowledge of the Boston metro area.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

The information you send should include your desired focus, your availability (hours per week and days, evenings or weekends available), your academic and career goals, the skills and experience you possess and their relevancy to the internship you are applying for.