Statewide Policy Priorities 2021 - '22

In January, a new two-year legislative session kicked off at the State House. The BCU is committed to seeing through bills that would promote biking and foster a more resilient, equitable and sustainable transportation system.

Below are the bills we're prioritizing as an organization and as members of Transportation for Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition.


Take Action

Contact your state legislators TODAY — Follow the link below for an easy-to-use form, complete with template text, to contact your representatives. There are A LOT of bills we’re advocating for, so feel free to modify the text as you see fit; this is your feedback.

What we're advocating for at the State House

Road safety

  • An Act to reduce traffic fatalities (HD.1888) — This is an improved version of the comprehensive bill the Senate passed last year, covering everything from reducing speed limits, adding safe passing distance, and safety requirements for large trucks with the addition of truck backup cameras in this new version of the bill.


  • An Act relative to automated enforcement (SD.1962/HD.3705 and HD.2452) — If passed, municipalities could choose to install cameras to enforce traffic laws like speeding and running red lights.



  • An Act relative to electric bicycles (HD.1396 and SD.2303)—  Would categorize e-bikes differently from "motorized bikes" and mopeds, increasing their usage and enabling BlueBikes to add e-bikes to its fleet.


  • An Act relative to electric bicycle rebates (HD.2436)Would provide rebates of up to $750 for low- and moderate-income individuals, and up to $500 for everyone else for buying an e-bike.


  • An Act relative to commuter transit benefits (HD.2249 and SD.1340)Would allow people to claim pre-tax benefits for costs related to bike commuting, and for using Regional Transit Authority (RTA) passes.


Transportation Funding


  • An Act to reduce congestion and encourage shared rides (HD.2425/SD.1849) — Would increase per-trip fees on ride-hailing services (aka Transportation Network Companies, or TNCs, like Uber/Lyft), and use the revenue to support transit


Equity / Civil Liberties


  • An Act relative to traffic and pedestrian stop data (SD.1892) — Would require law enforcement agencies to collect and report on data from traffic enforcement stops, in order to analyze and address the prevalence of racial profiling.


  • An Act to regulate face surveillance (HD.3228/SD.2134) This would build on last year’s police reform bill by establishing meaningful restrictions on racially biased face surveillance, which would ensure protections are in place before widespread camera use for automated enforcement.


  • An Act relative to work and family mobility during and subsequent to the COVID-19 emergency (SD.273/HD.448) — This would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, which, in addition to improving equity, has proven to increase safety in other states.


  • An Act relative to traffic stops and racial profiling (SD.1867) — Would create a method of automated enforcement for certain traffic laws and remove them from being the reason for a primary traffic stop.


  • An Act to End Debt-based Incarceration and Suspensions (HD.2885/SD.2040) — This would end debt-based driver's license suspensions, as part of a nationwide movement to stop the criminalization of poverty and break the cycle of debt