Host a house party for the Union!

House parties are a really easy, fun way to build the union’s membership and spread the word about better biking in Boston. It’s simple, host a party as you normally would, but invite the Union along to do a short presentation on our shared goals and vision for better biking in Boston.

How does it work?

Most of the evening is dedicated to hanging out and meeting people, including executive director Pete Stidman and members of the Union’s board of directors. At some point the Executive Director or a board member presents for about 15 minutes on their personal story, the Union vision, current status and goals for the year ahead. This is followed by a question and answer session, and then the host encourages guests to support the union with a donation.

Hosts supply food and drink as they normally would, and make a fundraising ask after the Union’s presentation. You can invite friends, family and acquaintances or have the Union invite other cyclists from the immediate neighborhood. Creativity is encouraged! Feel free to choose a theme of any kind, incorporate a ride, or any other activity.

The Union supplies the presentation, board members and the director for everyone to meet, and can help set up an Eventbrite invitation to help promote the event.

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