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Welcome to Bike Bingo, presented by the Boston Cyclists Union! The goal of this game is to experience Boston by bike, checking off activities as you go to form a "Bingo" (5 spaces in a row in any direction.)

How many spaces will you check off? Get your Bingo board and start playing today!


This game is free to play and open to everyone

Invite your friends, and bring more people into our bike community!


1. Download or print your bingo board — To play on your phone, download the bingo board, and use a photo editing app to mark up the board as you go

2. Complete any (or all!) activities — Cross off squares as you go to get 5 in a row (vertical/horizontal/diagonal.) Feeling ambitious? Complete the whole board!

3. Share the fun! — Post pictures of your progress to social media.

  • Tag @bostoncyclistsunion and use #BCUBikeBingo. We'll repost to spread awareness and get more people engaged.
  • Don't use social media? No problem. Email pictures of your progress to and we can share them for you.

4. Get BINGO! When you get Bingo, email us a picture of your board ( + share it on social for a chance to win BCU swag!

A note about spending: For spaces that involve visiting businesses, a picture of you and/or your bike outside is all you need. (Just remember to shout out businesses when you share your progress on social media so they know you appreciate them!) If it's within your means though, we hope you will consider supporting local businesses during this turbulent time, and showing them that bikes mean business.

Suggested Locations

Some spaces require visiting general types of places (i.e. areas where we're campaigning, or Black-owned businesses.) To help with those, check out the suggestions below.

mural ride

Have a suggestion we should add to the businesses list above? We'd love to hear about it!


Share your recommendations below.