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Tell Brookline: Keep and improve Beacon Street's bike lane!

In the Fall of 2016, after much study and discussion, the Town of Brookline removed a travel lane to pilot a buffered bike lane between Marion Street and Westbourne Terrace on the outbound side of Beacon Street. The lane reduction and buffered bike lane greatly improved safety for people biking on this section of Beacon Street without requiring a large capital expenditure or loss of parking.

Brookline Beacon St buffered bike lane

Brookline Beacon St buffered bike lane. Photo courtesy of Brookline Wicked Local.

This section of Beacon Street was selected for this treatment due to a high crash rate, high bicycle volumes and a strong desire line for people biking, and minimal impact to motor vehicle traffic after intensive study by the town.  After initial hearings back in the fall and winter of 2015 and spring of 2016, a groundswell of support and advocacy from town residents had pushed the town towards making it parking protected instead of simply buffered by paint.  This also was slated to be a permanent change.  However, due to concerns about emergency vehicle access, the town decided to implemented the lane as paint-buffered, and to also implement the project as a one year trial. During that time data and feedback would be collected, and then the Town would decide whether or not to make this a permanent change.

After a year, the bike lane trial is ending, and the Town of Brookline is looking for feedback from road users that will be used in conjunction with data collection to determine if the bike lane should be removed, simply remain, or remain and be improved upon.

We need to act now! Please join us in sending an email to the Brookline Transportation  Administrator, Todd Kirrane, and let him know that you want Brookline to not only keep, but improve the trial buffered bike lane!  They need to hear from you that Brookline will not fulfill its commitment to Complete Streets unless bike facilities like this to remain in place, are improved upon, and implemented town-wide.

Your email does not need to be long, but it should draw from your personal experiences on this corridor. Here are some potential talking points (please edit, elaborate or personalize where you can!):
  • The buffered bike lane on Beacon Street helps me feel safe, and increases my desire to ride my bike
  • A parking protected bike lane would be even more desirable, as it would prevent cars from stopping in it and keep me farther away from moving motor vehicles
  • Connecting the bike lane to the existing bike facility west of Washington Street would help to provide a safer route all the way to Cleveland circle, improving on Beacon Street’s progress towards completeness
  • Thank you for implementing this bike lane trial! Improving our streets makes Brookline a more desirable place to live
  • [Other things to mention: If you are a Brookline resident, please say so!  If you also drive on Beacon Street, be sure to mention it, and how you feel about the trade-off of losing a travel lane.]
  • [Optional: Insert a narrative about your biking habits and how you use the corridor]
Send your email to Todd Kirrane at [email protected], and copy [email protected]

*In a fun trip down memory lane, you can read here about the historical first bike lanes being added to Beacon St in Brookline back in 2007!  This demonstrates that one change paves the way for the next — it’s time for an upgrade!

Help the City of Boston decide where to locate new Hubway Stations!

Current Hubway stations in downtown Boston and adjacent neighborhoods. Click here for a complete map of current Hubway stations.

Starting this Saturday, September 9th, the City of Boston is hosting workshops over the next two months to gather input on where to install new Hubway bike share stations!

Over the next two years, the City will be adding 70 new stations to the system, with many of those stations in neighborhoods that don’t currently have access to Hubway.

Your input and support will help the City determine where new stations will be installed.

It’s crucial that the City receive strong public support for Hubway expansion, because they typically only receive feedback from people opposed to new stations due to the loss of one or two parking spaces. As this video demonstrates, repurposing an on-street parking space for a bike share station provides a service to hundreds of more people everyday, while on-street spaces turn over infrequently.

Bike share is a key component of the City’s transportation system, and expanding Hubway to new neighborhoods and increasing the number of stations in existing neighborhoods is an important step in making Boston a better city for biking! In fact, Hubway contributes to over 6,000 bike trips a day in the Boston area!

Continue reading Help the City of Boston decide where to locate new Hubway Stations!

Cambridge Street in Cambridge now has protected bike lanes!

This week, the City of Cambridge began installing protected bike lanes on Cambridge Street west of Inman Square! As of Thursday, line markers had been painted and flex posts were starting to be installed.

The protected bike lane being installed on August 24th.

The protected bikes lane were created after a sustained campaign by advocates including Cambridge Bike Safety and the Bike Union to push the City of Cambridge to rapidly implement a connected network of protected bike lanes following the death of two cyclists in Cambridge in 2016. As part of this campaign we led a parking study on this section of Cambridge Street last year, demonstrating that removal of the approximately 90 parking spaces to accommodate the protected bike lanes would not be detrimental to the neighborhood and mitigation steps could be taken to alleviate the loss.

Since last fall, protected bike lanes have been installed on Brattle Street in Harvard Square and three sections of Mass Ave, and earlier this month we helped mobilize hundreds of people (including many of you!) in support of the Brattle Street protected bike lanes after pushback from the Harvard Square Business Association.

The installation of the Cambridge Street protected bike lanes is truly a watershed moment. They will be the longest stretch of on-street protected bike lanes installed in the region to date — .08 miles! –and will provide a safe biking route for students of Cambridge Rindge and Latin as well as the hundreds of people who bike between Inman and Harvard Square.

Check out this video to see what it’s like to ride in the new protected bike lanes!

Save the date for Biketoberfest: Election Edition!

This year’s Biketoberfest is a special one! With so many local elections this November in the Boston area, we want to give our members a chance to learn about and meet candidates while enjoying beer from local breweries, celebrating all of our successes this year and forging connections with other residents and neighbors to gear up for more work ahead of us!

We’ll have free food, free beer/wine/cider, a raffle packed with great prizes, music to dance to with over 300 bike friends, and special guest speaker, Cambridge City Councilor Nadeem Mazen!

Stay tuned for announcements about our sponsors, raffle prizes and how to purchase tickets! For now, save the date!

Friday, October 20th, 6:30 – 9:30 PM
Hibernian Hall
184 Dudley St, Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119