Tell the candidates running in Cambridge to fill out the Vision Zero Coalition Candidate Questionnaire!

Let’s show them that safer streets matter to their constituents!

Copy and paste the text below into an email, and send them to the candidates running in your district (as well as at-large candidates).

Dear Candidate,

As a resident of (insert city and district if applicable), sustainable transportation and safer streets that encourage people to walk, bike and take public transportation are issues that I care about strongly. Your stance on these issues will affect how I vote in the next election. That is why I am asking you to please fill out the Vision Zero Coalition’s Candidate Questionnaire by next Tuesday, September 5th.

[OPTIONAL: Insert optional personal background or anecdote about where and why you ride, why this is important to you]

I need to know where you stand on these important issues and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill out the questionnaire.

Your Name

Please also CC the Bike Union: [email protected]

Cambridge City Council Candidates

Name Email
Ron Benjamin [email protected]
Josh Burgin [email protected]
Dennis Carlone
Olivia D’Ambrosio [email protected]
Jan Devereux [email protected]
Sam Gebru [email protected]
Richard Harding [email protected]
Craig Kelley [email protected]
Dan Lenke [email protected]
Ilan Levy [email protected]
Alanna Mallon [email protected]
Marc McGovern [email protected]
Greg Moree [email protected]
Adriane Musgrave [email protected]
Nadya Okamoto [email protected]
Hari Pillai **
Jeffrey Santos [email protected]
Sumbul Siddiqui [email protected]
Denise Simmons [email protected]
Vatsady Sivongxay [email protected]
Brian Sutton [email protected]
Sean Tierney [email protected]
Paul Toner [email protected]
Tim Toomey [email protected]
Gwen Volmar [email protected]
Quinton Zondervan [email protected]

** = we were not able to obtain this candidate’s email address