Cambridge takes major steps towards expanding its network of protected bike lanes

On Monday, June 26th, after hearing testimony from dozens of residents and business owners, including many of you, the Cambridge City Council passed an ordinance asking the City Manager “to accelerate the planning and installation of two or more protected bike lanes by September, produce a plan by October 2017 for the roll-out of protected bike lanes on all major city thoroughfares, and ensure that the CambridgeBike Plan recommendations are fully implemented on all road projects.” (Wicked Local Cambridge)

To add to this fantastic news, this week the City created a new stretch of protected bike lane on Mass Ave, as well as a 2-way protected bike lane on a stretch of Brattle Street in Harvard Square! The Brattle Street protected bike lane is a particularly welcome change because it creates a safe and legal way for people biking to ride contraflow (which was very common before the change), and motor vehicle traffic now flows slowly and safely on Brattle Street thanks to the lane reduction.

Mass Ave (top) and Brattle Street (bottom). Photo courtesy of Cambridge Bike Safety

Mass Ave (top) and Brattle Street (bottom). Photo courtesy of Cambridge Bike Safety

These steps are thanks to the passionate advocacy of the Cambridge Bicycle Safety group, as well as continued pressure from the Bike Union and other neighborhood activists. We can’t wait to see the City’s plan for implementing protected bike lanes on its major thoroughfares! If you want to help the City decide where these new protected bike lanes should go, fill out this survey!

Want to see even more protected bike lanes in Cambridge? The City is currently accepting ideas for the 2017 Participatory Budgeting ballot! In past years, protected bike lanes have been the most popular ideas in the Participatory Budgeting process, and in fact, these two projects were funded through the Participatory Budgeting process! Click here to submit your ideas!

P.S. If you support these projects and want to see more, let the City of Cambridge know! Send a note of thanks to the following emails:

The Bike Union is hiring!

The Bike Union is hiring a Membership, Events, and Development Coordinator!

The Coordinator manages the Boston Cyclists Union’s rapidly growing membership and volunteer programs. They develop and execute communication strategies, assist in planning events and fundraisers, and collaborate with staff and partners to explore other fundraising and development opportunities. Through this work they fulfill the Bike Union’s goals of growing and supporting our membership, and building the bike community and the network of bike-friendly businesses in the Boston area.

This is a full time, salaried position. Click here to read the full description and apply!

Support a safer Beacon Street!


The City of Boston is proposing to install a parking-protected bike lane on Beacon Street in the Back Bay, but we need to speak up to make sure the best design possible in chosen!

At a public meeting on June 12th, the Boston Transportation Department presented 4 design alternatives for Beacon Street, and two different options for the intersection of Mass Ave and Beacon Street. We need to make sure that Alternative 1 is selected, and that Option A is chosen for the block of Beacon Street approaching Mass Ave.

Option B proposes a “mixing zone” where right-turning cars and all bike traffic will merge together before reaching Mass Ave, creating an unnecessary conflict point between car and bike traffic. This design was created to accommodate cars turning right onto Mass Ave. However, the City’s presentation made it clear that the mixing zone is not necessary, and Option A can adequately handle all turning movements without traffic backing up Beacon Street. The mixing-zone would also require removing 12 on-street parking spaces from Beacon Street.

The proposed "mixing-zone" in Option B.

The proposed “mixing-zone” in Option B.

Copy and paste the message below into an email, and let the City know you support a parking-protected bike lane on Beacon Street all the way to Mass Ave!

P.S. Don’t forget to fill out this survey about inbound/outbound connections after you email your comments!


subject: Beacon Street Design Project Comments

As a person who bikes in Boston, I am extremely excited to see the City propose installing a parking-protected bike lane on Beacon Street in the Back Bay. With a parking-protected bike lane, I will feel much safer and more comfortable biking on Beacon Street.

I strongly support Alternative 1, and I hope that after Beacon Street is repaved in the future, the protected bike lane can be made two-way, as shown in Alternative 2. That said, I am concerned about the lane widths proposed in Alternative 1, and I support narrowing the travel and parking lanes, and adding enough space to the bike lane to allow for 2 people to ride side by side. I would also like to see the stretch of Beacon Street from Charles Street to Berkeley Street redesigned to be safer for people biking, as well as have space on Arlington Street dedicated for biking. Also, if Alternative 1 is implemented, please create an inbound route for people biking along Marlborough Street, including a contra-flow lane on the final block of Marlborough Street.

Lastly, I strongly oppose “Option B” for the intersection of Beacon Street and Mass Ave. The mixing zone shown in Option B would increase conflicts between bike traffic and right-turning vehicles, as well as require the removal of 12 on-street parking spaces. Please continue the parking-protected bike lane all the way to the intersection at Mass Ave, as shown in “Option A”.

Thank you for considering my comments.

*Please CC the following:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Job opportunity with the Bike Union: Mechanic/Bike Repair Program Coordinator

Mechanic/Bike Repair Program Coordinator

The Bike Union is looking for a passionate and personable bike mechanic to help run our new Bike Workshop and assist in managing our Bike to Market program!

With a current staff of two full-time employees and one part-time lead bike mechanic, you’ll be joining a small but effective team of passionate bike advocates who are dedicated to making biking in Boston a safe and comfortable mode of transportation for people of all ages and abilities!  You can read the job description below!

The Mechanic/Bike Repair Program Coordinator (“Coordinator”) manages and helps improve the Boston Cyclists Union’s bike repair programs including Bike to Market and the Dudley Bike Workshop.

They recruit and develop strong relationships with volunteers to carry out the Union’s bike repair programs, perform outreach to help more community members learn about our free bike repair, coordinate Bike to Market events, lead open shop hours in the Dudley Bike Workshop, teach bike repair classes, and perform administrative tasks related to programs including data entry of volunteers and visitors to Bike to Market.

As a new program of the Bike Union, the Coordinator will be responsible for growing the Dudley Bike Workshop into a learning and gathering place for the community.

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